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    Wiseling is a Proprietary Trading firm located in Finland that specializes in day trading equities and cryptocurrency.

    Mine for BitCoin on Your Browser

    Mine for BitCoin on Your Browser

      Mine for BitCoin on Your Browser Easy Mine for BitCoin on Your Browser is Easy. Just Visit any one of these links and click start mining, it’s as Simple as that 🙂        

      logo coinspot

      Invest at CoinSpot Now!

        Invest Now. Invest now while you can! Prices of Alternate Currency are Low at the moment, this is the perfect time to invest in something that’s so cheap and will surely go very high in price. Remember when Bitcoin itself, went from $1 to $2000 in just a Short time. Invest as low as $1… Read More »Invest at CoinSpot Now!

        Quite Antminer

        Quite Antminer

          Quite Antminer Antminer too noisy? IF YOU HAVE THE Antminer S7 by BITMAIN or ARE THINKING OF GETTING ONE OR TWO, THEN YOU SHOULD KNOW IT CREATES A LOT OF NOISE POLLUTION. Well of course you want it on full speed for full potential, it’s an investment! A freeway makes around 68 dB of noise… Read More »Quite Antminer

   GHash.IO is a Bitcoin mining pool that allows bitcoins to be mined using personal hardware or cloud-based mining power. The collective value of the bitcoin mined in this pool was over $200 million in its first year. when i just got the Antminer s7:            

            antpool 1


              Antpool Bitmain is the world’s foremost producer of ASIC bitcoin mining hardware and Now also has created a pool called Antpool. Ant pool with both fans of my s7 miner working:                

              antminer s7

              Antminer s7

                Antminer s7 We should all know what a bitcoin is by now, and with it the terms bitcoin mining, well this page is about my Antminer s7 which mines for bitcoin and these are some of the shots from when I was trying out different pools to mine with. sure I could go into details… Read More »Antminer s7