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tesler binary trading

Tesler trading software is a Scam!

    Tesler Trading is a big fat scam. Tesler & tesler 2 & tesler app Seriously, I personally don’t understand why they do it. I come across so many and now this Tesler does it really make them that much money to keep scamming people. why not just tell the truth at least in the (beginning) advertisement video that… Read More »Tesler trading software is a Scam!

    lj hooker

    LJ Hooker

      LJ Hooker LJ Hooker is a big FAT Scam! Particularly this one Almost every tenant renting with this real estate is unhappy and unsatisfied with the service and they have also accused several of their clients/ tenants of being lairs when a fault in the property is brought to their attention. Funny how growing up… Read More »LJ Hooker

      CoolHandle: $2k a Day Hosting

        CoolHandle: $2k a Day Hosting $2k a day is a big fat scam! so that makes coolhandle hosting bloody scammers too for helping them i recon. i’ll get into specifics later but this is just a note to remind me.



          Bancdebinary This is my personal experience with bancdebinary a couple years ago. 2015/01/13/ banc-de-binary-trading-options A few months ago I received repeated calls trying to push and talk me into joining, promising great wealth where I could sit back and earn money on autopilot. After about the fifteenth call I gave in and placed $250 with… Read More »Bancdebinary